The Top Muscle Building Tips – Part 5

Thanks for joining us on our journey through the best muscle building tips, this is the last post in the series and we hope some of our ideas have helped you.

Working hard, eating right and listening to good advice from a number of sources is key to making sure you reach your fitness goals whatever they might be. We will continue to give you tips on various techniques and body goals but remember to back it up with advice from people who have been in your position.

  1. One of the most important factors in training is motivation, make sure the people around you are as motivated as you are. There shouldn’t be any room for negativity and surrounding yourself with positive, forward thinking people will drive you on towards your goals.
  2. If you are going it alone for a session don’t feel you have to completely miss out. Obviously bench presses are out without your usual spotter but you can do dumbbell bench presses instead.
  3. Training to failure doesn’t sound very motivating but it can be. Making sure you do it on your last set you can give absolutely everything until you physically can’t give any more. Doing it any earlier will ruin the rest of your workout even after a break.
  4. Small improvements and a steady build up over time is better than pushing yourself too far too quickly. This should be a long term project and understanding that will help you to manage what you are trying to do.
  5. Warm ups should be gentle and should never tire you out. Start with something gentle to get the heartrate going but nothing too strenuous.
  6. I’m sure we will have all heard that your breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when you are training hard this is true. You will have went without fuel for some time while you were sleeping and refuelling for the day ahead is important.
  7. If you are really bulking up you should be looking at between 5 and 7 meals a day. Try to make 4 of these protein meals to really help when building mass.
  8. Try to plan your workouts for the times in the day when you have the most energy and when you are most unlikely to miss training sessions.
  9. Need a motivator after you have been training for a decent period then why not sign up to a competition? This will spur you on and give you a bit more motivation, you might also really enjoy the experience.
  10. This is the final bit of advice that we will give you, enjoy yourself. Do it for you and enjoy the results from all your hard work.

We hope you have used some of these tips to push on and achieve your goals and continue to get the results that you are looking for.

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