The Top Muscle Building Tips – Part 3

Welcome to part three of our muscle building guide where you can pick up some great tips on how to bulk up.

Combining our tips with advice from your peers should help you to achieve a good workout routine.

  1. To help build up your back muscles combine pullups, rack chins, lat pull downs, rowing and the deadlift for the best results.
  2. If you are still on the lookout for a workout that works the upper body like squats work the lower body you might want to start doing dips which can really help yo build mass.
  3. If you are working on your abs try to use exercises that will let you increase the resistance. Weighted sit ups are a great example of this.
  4. Calves can be problem areas for lots of people so switching things up to do low rep, high volume, heavy sets can help.
  5. Make the most of your fruit and veg and eat as much as you want as well as using them to inject a bit of life to otherwise bland meals.
  6. While most people might worry about having too much salt you might need to make sure you get enough.
  7. If you have invited people to the gun show make sure you don’t let them down. Build up your biceps with heavy rows and chin-ups or pull ups.
  8. Triceps make up two thirds of your arm so if you want to go big target them. Heavy compound lifts and extensions like a close grip bench press or seated dumbbell extension are great as well as dips.
  9. Full body workouts shouldn’t be dismissed and can achieve some pretty great results.
  10. Compound exercise can produce great results so tackling them first while you are still fresh is recommended.
  11. Bench press with your shoulders between 30 and 60 degrees, never go to 90 degrees.
  12. Make sure you get your protein, around 180 to 240 grams a day. Fish, eggs, milk, chicken and other foods should all be taken advantage of.
  13. If you are new remember to work a day on, day off shift pattern to make sure your body has a good recovery period and ensure you are eating enough of the right foods.
  14. Make sure you are following the right advice. It’s all good and well listening to someone maintaining their goal appearance but finding out how they got there is more important to you than how they maintain their physique.
  15. To fuel your workout try to eat some protein about an hour and half before working out. You should never work out on a full stomach but an empty stomach can be just as bad for you.

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