The Top Muscle Building Tips – Part 1

People go to the gym or work out for a number of reasons from weight loss to toning or just for general fitness.

Different exercises and gym routines suit different needs so it is always worth speaking to someone to make sure you are doing the right exercises and eating the right things for your target goals.

We are going to be giving you a helping hand by telling you our top tips for muscle building so if you are hoping to bulk up you had better listen carefully.

  1. Compound exercises work sever muscle groups at once such as the squat which works your core and the lower body. Using compound exercises is a great way to work a number of muscle groups at the same time.
  2. Plan your main meal for around 30-60 minutes after your workout.
  3. If you are more interested in bodybuilding than power lifting you will still need to improve your strength.
  4. Squats are a great exercise as long as your form is good. Make sure you get your technique down and you will benefit.
  5. Looking for a squat like exercise for your upper body that will work a number of muscle groups? The deadlift could be your friend as long as you have a solid technique and don’t jerk your back.
  6. Study technique to improve your own. We have mentioned in the last two tips how good squats and deadlifts are but not if you have a poor technique. By studying the best form and getting advice on your own technique you will definitely see improvements.
  7. Remember balance is the key. Don’t fixate on one area and you will see the results start to steadily build.
  8. Start slowly and carefully. If you are just starting out it is important for you to get the basics down and build your core, anything more advanced will come with time. Remember it is not a race.
  9. It is the quality, not quantity of your training. Don’t tire yourself out by doing too much every week when it can be consolidated into better and more efficient sets.
  10. Keep it simple, you are building muscle not a rocket! Train hard and eat the right things and you will see it pay off.
  11. This might seem obvious but don’t miss workouts. It’s easy to think that missing the odd workout might not make a difference but it will.
  12. Be prepared to have days where you hurt, it is all part and parcel of what you are trying to achieve.
  13. When sorting your diet try to vary it a bit. Don’t just rely on chicken and rice, do a bit of research and you will find some pretty tasty options.
  14. Get a bit more red meat down you, it will help you to bulk up.
  15. Eggs are also a great food to eat so getting more eggs in your diet can help.

Remember to check back regularly for our regular instalments that will help you to build muscle.

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